Scout API Docs

Scout collects, organizes, and stores data from every mission and teleoperation session executed by a Spot fleet - this information is open to Scout customers through a programmatic api called the Scout API.

Getting Started


The Scout API is a web api hosted on your sitehub. The API is interacted with by sending HTTPs requests to a number of resource endpoints. Each resource endpoint is prefixed with the api route /api/v0/. For example, a list of run_events can be retrieved by sending a GET request to /api/v0/run_events. A complete url would add this to the url of the Scout instance - e.g.


Resources can only be requested by Scout users. In order to be authorized, cookies authenticated with a Scout account must be provided in each request.

To obtain the cookies, make a request to the login endpoint at /api/v0/login:

import json
import requests


"""Get a set of cookies to be authenticated."""
cookies_response = requests.get(f'https://{hostname}', verify=False)
cookies = requests.utils.dict_from_cookiejar(cookies_response.cookies)

"""Authenticates the cookies by issuing a login request."""
login_response ='https://{hostname}/api/v0/login', data={
    'username': username,
    'password': password
}, headers={'x-csrf-token': cookies['x-csrf-token']}, cookies=cookies, verify=False)

if not login_response.ok:
  print(f'Authentication failed: {login_response.text}')
  print(f'Authenticated! Logged in as: {login_response.json()["username"]}.')

Now the cookies are authenticated and can be used to request resources. When requesting, the cookie is provided as an argument:

"""Use the cookies to fetch some robots. The same authorization strategy is used for other http methods."""
robots_response = requests.get(f'https://{hostname}/api/v0/robots', cookies=cookies, verify=False)
if not robots_response.ok:
  print(f'Encountered a problem while requesting robots: {robots_response.text}')
  robots_json = robots_response.json()
  print("Fetched robots!")

An authenticated set of cookies must be provided in every request aside from the request to authenticate (/api/v0/login). If an unauthorized request is made, a 403 response will be issued. Likewise, if an api link is visited in the browser without the user having logged in, Forbidden will be shown.

A session expires after 2 weeks. You can reauthenticate using the same method explained above.

Learn More

For a complete list of resources and their methods, see the Scout API Reference.