About Spot

Spot anatomy


Spot has 5 pairs of stereo cameras that provide black and white images and video.

Hips and joints

Spot has 2 actuators in each hip, and one actuator in each knee. The hip joints are referred to as HX and HY for each plane of rotation. This creates the following degrees of freedom and limits on each axis:

  • 12 DOFs, 3 per leg

  • Hip Joint X-axis (HX): +/- 45 degrees from vertical (45 degrees of internal and external rotation from vertical)

  • Hip Joint Y-axis (HY): +/- 91 degrees with 50 degree bias from vertical (flexion/extension)

  • Knee: +/- 14-160 degrees from straight (flexion/extension range from 14 to 160 degrees)

Spot side view

Spot front view

Legs are referred to as front or hind and left or right. For example, the front left leg is FL, or the hind left leg is HL. A complete joint reference for one leg looks like this:

  • fl.hx refers to the front left hip X

  • fl.hy refers to the front left hip Y

  • fl.kn refers to the front left knee

Spot geometry

The robot state protobuf message in the Spot SDK describes data about the robot, including information about joints and legs. The following snippet shows the data returned about the robot state using the get_robot_state example for hip X joint on the front left leg:

joint_states {
    name: "fl.hx"
    position {
      value: 0.21174180507659912
    velocity {
      value: 0.003905495163053274
    acceleration {
      value: 2.1059951782226562
    load {
      value: -1.86274254322052

Robot specifications


Specification Value
Robot type Spot Gamma
Length 1100 mm (43.3 in)
Width 500 mm (19.7 in)
Height (standing) 840 mm (33.1 in)
Height (sitting) 191 mm (7.5 in)
Net weight 32.5 kg (71.7 lbs)
Degrees of freedom 12
Maximum speed 1.6 m/s


Specification Value
Ingress protection IP54
Operating temperature -20C to 45C
Slopes +/- 30 degrees
Stairways Stair dimensions that meet US building code standards, typically with 7 in. rise for 10-11 in. run
Max step height 300 mm (11.8 in)
Lighting Above 2 lux


Specification Value
Battery capacity 605 Wh
Max battery voltage 58.8V
Typical runtime 90 minutes
Standby time 180 minutes
Charger power 400W
Max charge current 7A
Time to charge 120 minutes


Specification Value
Max weight 14 kg (30.9 lbs)
Max power per port 150W
Payload ports 2


Specification Value
Camera type Projected stereo
Field of view 360 degrees
Operating range 4 m (13 ft)


Specification Value
Wifi 802.11
Ethernet 1000Base-T