For clients to the Spot CAM Ptz service.

class bosdyn.client.spot_cam.ptz.PtzClient[source]

Bases: bosdyn.client.common.BaseClient

A client calling Spot CAM Ptz service.

default_service_name = 'spot-cam-ptz'
service_type = 'bosdyn.api.spot_cam.PtzService'

List all the available ptzs


Async version of list_ptz()

get_ptz_position(ptz_desc, **kwargs)[source]

Position of the specified ptz

get_ptz_position_async(ptz_desc, **kwargs)[source]

Async version of get_ptz_position()

get_ptz_velocity(ptz_desc, **kwargs)[source]

Velocity of the specified ptz

get_ptz_velocity_async(ptz_desc, **kwargs)[source]

Async version of get_ptz_velocity()

set_ptz_position(ptz_desc, pan, tilt, zoom, **kwargs)[source]

Set position of the specified ptz in PTZ-space

set_ptz_position_async(ptz_desc, pan, tilt, zoom, **kwargs)[source]

Async version of set_ptz_position()

set_ptz_velocity(ptz_desc, pan, tilt, zoom, **kwargs)[source]

Set velocity of the specified ptz in PTZ-space

set_ptz_velocity_async(ptz_desc, pan, tilt, zoom, **kwargs)[source]

Async version of set_ptz_velocity()


Initializes the PTZ autofocus or resets it if already initialized


Async version of initialize_lens()


Shift the pan angle (degrees) so that it is in the [0,360] range.