GPIO Blinking

This example demonstrates how to use the CORE IO GPIO pins to blink an LED. This example does not use the Spot SDK, but can be integrated with other Spot SDK examples.

Setup Dependencies

This example does not have any extra Python dependencies.

Running the Example

To run the GPIO example using the 5V pin:

python3 --voltage 5

To run the PWM example:

python3 --number 1 --duty-ratio 0.7

Running with Docker

Alternatively, these examples can be run with Docker. To do so, just build and run the image. When building on a separate machine, the docker image will need to be saved and copied to the CORE.

Build the image:

sudo docker build -t gpio_pwm .

Run the image:

# Turn on 5V rail
sudo docker run --privileged gpio_pwm --voltage 5 --on

# Toggle 24V rail on/off for 15 seconds
sudo docker run --privileged gpio_pwm --voltage 24 --blink --duration 15

sudo docker run --privileged -v /sys/class/pwm/:/sys/class/pwm/ --entrypoint python3 gpio_pwm --number 1 --duty-ratio 0.7