Replaying a Mission

This example shows how to replay a mission via the API. The script allows the user to replay Autowalk missions using graph_nav, as well as simple missions that do not use graph_nav for navigation.

This example assumes that Spot can see the fiducial from “Start” of your mission. To ensure the fiducial is in view, move Spot to a location where the initial fiducial is seen and verify that the fiducial has a purple overlay in the tablet camera view. You may then disconnect the tablet, engage the E-Stop on your current device, and replay the mission.

Setup Dependencies

This example needs to be run with python3, and have the Spot SDK installed. See the requirements.txt file for a list of dependencies which can be installed with pip using the command:

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the Example

You can use to replay an Autowalk mission recorded using the tablet. Attach a USB cable to the tablet and copy the Autowalk mission directory to your PC. These missions are stored under Documents/bosdyn/autowalk on the tablet.

To run an Autowalk mission:

python3 -m replay_mission ROBOT_IP autowalk --walk_directory WALK_DIRECTORY --walk_filename WALK_FILENAME

Your SDK applications can also create custom mission files as described below:

See the documentation for the Mission Question Answerer for an example:

To run a simple non-Autowalk mission that does not use graph_nav for navigation:

python3 -m replay_mission ROBOT_IP simple CUSTOM_MISSION_FILE