Cloud Upload Example

The script shows how to upload a file to a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) bucket or an Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket.

The two functions below are defined in the script:

def upload_to_gcp(bucket_name, source_file, destination_file):
def upload_to_aws(bucket_name, source_file, destination_file):

They both take the same arguments:

        bucket_name = "your-bucket-name"
        source_file = "local/path/to/file"
        destination_file = "storage-object-name"

Credentials are stored in a file. For GCP, the user needs to set an environment variable; for AWS, the credentials are hard coded. See below for details.

Install Packages

Two python packages will need to be installed:

  • google-cloud-storage

  • boto3

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt


Each cloud service requires credentials to be properly setup.


For the GCP, the user needs to point to the service account .json file with an environmental variable. Here is an example of how to do that with linux:

export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=<path-to-file>/<filename>.json

Add the above line to your .bashrc file to make permanent. More information (including a Windows example) can be found here.


For AWS, the user must have the default user credentials file stored in ~/.aws/credentials. More information can be found here.

Running the Example

If the cloud credentials have been properly setup, the main() function in is currently configured to upload requirements.txt to an AWS S3 bucket (simply change upload_to_aws to upload_to_gcp to use a GCP bucket instead). A snippet of is included below.

aws_bucket_name = 'aws-imagedemo' # s3 bucket name
source_file = 'requirements.txt' # sample file to upload
destination_file = source_file # using source_file name as destination_file name
upload_to_aws(aws_bucket_name, source_file, destination_file)

Run the example script by executing this command in your CLI.


The user should see the below response for a successful AWS upload.

Found credentials in shared credentials file: ~/.aws/credentials (
Upload of file requirements.txt as requirements.txt to aws-imagedemo successful (

And this response for a successful GCP upload.

Upload of file requirements.txt as requirements.txt to c-imagedemo successful (

Autowalk Example

An example of how to utilize these functions in a remote_mission_service application can be found in the ricoh_theta example.