Answering a Mission Question

This example program demonstrates how to periodically check the robot’s Mission state for a question, then answer that question.

Setup Dependencies

See the requirements.txt file for a list of python dependencies which can be installed with pip using

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Start the mission_question_answerer Example

This example will constantly monitor the robot for any running missions and any questions asked by those missions. To run the example, run the command:

python3 -m mission_question_answerer ROBOT_IP

You may want to pass --verbose to the example, to see state from the robot even while the robot is not playing back a mission.

This example will only monitor the mission and answer questions. To play back a mission that includes a “Prompt” element, see the replay_mission example, described below.

Example Prompt Node Mission

Building an Example Prompt Node Mission

To create a mission that uses a Prompt node, run the following:

python3 -m build_mission mission-with-prompt.bin

Start the mission_question_answerer Example

python3 -m mission_question_answerer ROBOT_IP

Replay the Mission

Use the replay_mission example to replay your saved mission from above by navigating to the replay_mission folder and running:

python3 -m replay_mission ROBOT_IP simple <path_to_mission_file>