Robot Docking

Setup Dependencies

These examples need to be run with python3, and have the Spot SDK installed. See the requirements.txt file for a list of dependencies which can be installed with pip.

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Dock My Robot Example

Setup Robot

To properly setup for this example:

  1. Have the robot powered off

  2. Have the robot close to the dock so it can see the fiducial, with a clear path between the robot and dock.

  3. Use an external E-Stop endpoint from an api client or tablet

Running the Example

When run, this script will

  • Power on and stand up the robot.

  • Move the robot onto the dock and engage the dock.

  • Will retry if the first attempt fails.

  • Power Off once engaged with the dock

python3 --username USER --password PASSWORD --dock-id DOCKID ROBOT_IP

Try not to interrupt the robot while it’s over the dock, loss of comms will make the robot sit on the dock in an incorrect way, possibly causing it to roll over or make it hard to recover autonomously.