Comms image service

This service creates a virtual camera device that can be selected on the controller and displays a map of wifi signal strength. This example will register itself as a payload, which will need to be authorized in the robot’s admin console. The payload dimensions, location, and weight are small values.

How to use

Running locally:

pip install -r docker-requirements.txt
python3 [options] --host-ip <computer IP> <robotIP>

When using a Docker image on CORE:

  • Build using included Dockerfile then save to a .tar

  • Upload image tarfile using Portainer on CORE and create a new container from the image

  • Under “Network ports configuration”, expose a port number (e.g. 7223)

  • Set the restart policy to “Always Unless Stopped”

  • In the “Advanced container settings”, put --port {PORT_NUM}

From the command line (alternate method):

sudo docker run -it -p {PORT_NUM}:{PORT_NUM} {comms_image_service} --port {PORT_NUM}