Base Data Reader

BaseDataReader is a shared parent class for DataReader and StreamedDataReader.

class bosdyn.bddf.base_data_reader.BaseDataReader(infile=None, filename=None)[source]

Bases: object

Shared parent class for DataReader and StreamedDataReader.

property filename

Return input file name, if specified, or None if not.

property file_descriptor

Return the file descriptor from the start of the file/stream.

property version

Return file version as a bosdyn.api.FileFormatVersion proto.

property annotations

Return {key -> value} dict for file annotations.

property file_index

Get the FileIndex proto used which describes how to access data in the file.

property checksum

160-bit checksum read from the end of the file, or None if not yet read.

property read_checksum

Override to compute checksum on reading, in stream-readers.


Given a series spec (map {key -> value}), return the series index for that series.

Raises ValueError if no such series exists.