Area Callback Service Servicer

class bosdyn.client.area_callback_service_servicer.AreaCallbackServiceServicer(robot: Robot, config: AreaCallbackServiceConfig, area_callback_builder_fn: Callable[[AreaCallbackServiceConfig, Robot], AreaCallbackRegionHandlerBase])[source]

Bases: AreaCallbackServiceServicer

Implementation of area callback service.

  • robot – The Robot object used to create service clients.

  • config – The AreaCallbackServiceConfig defining the data for the AreaCallbackInformation response.

  • area_callback_builder_fn – Callable to create the AreaCallbackRegionHandlerBase subclass that implements the details of the callback. Usually this will simply be the class itself.

SERVICE_TYPE = 'bosdyn.api.graph_nav.AreaCallbackService'
AreaCallbackInformation(request, context)[source]

Return the configured AreaCallbackInformation.

BeginCallback(request, context)[source]

Begin the callback in a new region.

BeginControl(request, context)[source]

Receive robot control from GraphNav.

UpdateCallback(request, context)[source]

Regular updates from GraphNav, with responses to update the policy.

EndCallback(request, context)[source]

Terminate handling of this region.

RouteChange(request, context)[source]

Called when we re-route within the callback. Most callbacks do not need to know about changes in the route, and can ignore this.


Call to force run thread to terminate.


timeout (float, optional) – Time allowed to run thread to shut down. Defaults to 5.


True if the thread correctly shut down within the allowed time.

Return type: