Bddf Download

Code for downloading robot data in bddf format.

bosdyn.client.bddf_download.download_data(robot, hostname, start_nsec=None, end_nsec=None, timespan_spec=None, output_filename=None, robot_time=False, channel=None, message_type=None, grpc_service=None, show_progress=False)[source]

Download data from robot in bddf format

  • robot – API robot object

  • hostname – hostname/ip-address of robot

  • start_nsec – start time of log

  • end_nsec – end time of log

  • timespan_spec – if start_time, end_time are None, string representing the timespan to download

  • robot_time – if True, timespan is in robot_clock, if False, in host clock

  • channel – if set, limit data to download to a specific channel

  • message_type – if set, limit data by specified message-type

  • grpc_service – if set, limit GRPC log data by name of service


output filename, or None on error


Command-line interface