Arm and gripper specifications

Arm specifications

  • Degrees of freedom: 6 + gripper

  • Length at full extension: 984 mm

  • Max. reach height on robot: 1800 mm

  • Mass/weight, including gripper: 8 kg

  • Max. endpoint speed: 10 m/s

  • Lift capacity*: Up to 11 kg

  • Continuous lift capacity at 0.5 m extension*: 5 kg

  • Drag capacity* (on carpet): Up to 25 kg

  • Operating temp: -20 C to 45 C

  • Ingress protection:  Water and dust resistant

* At 22 C.

Gripper specifications

  • Depth: 90 mm

  • Peak clamp force (at tip of opening): 130 N

  • Integrated sensors: ToF, IMU, 4K RGB

  • Accessory port: Gigabit Ethernet, 50W power, camera sync (PPS)

  • Max Camera FOV: RGB: 60.2° x 46.4°; Depth: 55.9° x 44°

How big an object can the gripper grasp

The robot Arm is capable of holding any object it can fit the gripper jaws around. In general, this means that objects a person can pick up are also manageable by the robot.

Gripper safety

Continue to observe the recommended safety distance of 3 meters from the robot. Do not touch the Arm or gripper (or the robot) while the robot is active.

Pinch points

The gripper has a small clearance that offers some possibility to avoid complete pinching. However, pinching is always possible when grasping/holding objects. Limit human interaction with the gripper when in use.

  • Never introduce hands or fingers between an object to be grasped or being grasped and the gripper jaws. Keep hands away.

  • Never attempt to open the gripper while the robot is powered on. Never try to interfere with grasping and carrying. Stay away from an active robot.