Aggregator Client

For clients to use the Gps Aggregator service.

class bosdyn.client.gps.aggregator_client.AggregatorClient[source]

Bases: BaseClient

Client for the Gps Aggregator service.

default_service_name = 'gps-aggregator'
service_type = 'bosdyn.api.gps.AggregatorService'
new_gps_data(data_points, gps_device, **kwargs)[source]

Tell the robot about new GPS data that was collected.

  • data_points (collection of bosdyn.api.gps.GpsDataPoint) – All the data you want to send.

  • gps_device (collection of bosdyn.api.gps.GpsDevice) – The identifier of this device.


An instance of bosdyn.api.NewGpsDataResponse


RpcError – Problem communicating with the robot.

new_gps_data_async(data_points, gps_device, **kwargs)[source]

Async version of new_gps_data()