Media Log

For clients to the Spot CAM MediaLog service.

class bosdyn.client.spot_cam.media_log.MediaLogClient[source]

Bases: bosdyn.client.common.BaseClient

A client calling Spot CAM MediaLog service.

default_service_name = 'spot-cam-media-log'
service_type = 'bosdyn.api.spot_cam.MediaLogService'
delete(logpoint, **kwargs)[source]

Removes the Logpoint from the Spot CAM system.


logpoint – must be filled out.

delete_async(logpoint, **kwargs)[source]

Async version of delete()

enable_debug(temp=False, humidity=False, bit=False, shock=True, system_stats=False, **kwargs)[source]

Start periodic logging of health data to the database, queryable via Health service.

  • temp – Enable logging of temperature data.

  • humidity – Enable logging of humidity data.

  • bit – Enable logging of BIT events coming from the Health service.

  • shock – Enable logging of Shock data.

  • system_stats – Enable logging of cpu, gpu, memory, and network utilization.

enable_debug_async(temp=False, humidity=False, bit=False, shock=True, system_stats=False, **kwargs)[source]

Async version of enable_debug()

get_status(logpoint, **kwargs)[source]

Gets the state of the specified logpoint.


logpoint – must be filled out.


A spot_cam.Logpoint with the status filled out.

get_status_async(logpoint, **kwargs)[source]

Async version of get_status()


List cameras on Spot CAM


Async version of list_cameras()


List Logpoints on Spot CAM

retrieve(logpoint, **kwargs)[source]

Retrieves the image associated with the Logpoint.


logpoint – must be filled out.

retrieve_raw_data(logpoint, **kwargs)[source]

Retrieves the image associated with the Logpoint.


logpoint – must be filled out.

set_passphrase(passphrase, **kwargs)[source]

Set password for Spot CAM filesystem.

set_passphrase_async(passphrase, **kwargs)[source]

Async version of set_passphrase()

store(camera, record_type, tag=None, **kwargs)[source]

Store media on the Spot CAM.

  • camera – spot_cam.Camera protobuf describing the camera to store media on.

  • record_type – spot_cam.Logpoint.RecordType indicating the type of recording.

  • tag – Optional string to associate with the stored media.


An spot_cam.Logpoint describing the stored data.

store_async(camera, record_type, tag=None, **kwargs)[source]

Async version of store()

tag(logpoint, **kwargs)[source]

Update the ‘tag’ field of an existing Logpoint.


logpoint – ‘tag’ and ‘name’ in spot_cam.Logpoint must be filled out.

tag_async(logpoint, **kwargs)[source]

Async version of tag()