Using the Data Buffer service

The Data Buffer service can be used to log data to the robot which can later be retrieved via API calls to the Data Service or by bddf-download. This example shows how to log various kinds of data to robot.

Setup Dependencies

This example requires the bosdyn API and client to be installed, and must be run using python3. Using pip, these dependencies can be installed using:

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Running the Example

The example requires that you specify a username and password to authenticate with the robot.

Add an ‘operator comment’ to the log

This example adds an operator comment to the robot log. This comment will show up in the comments list in the robot log download web page.

python3 ROBOT_IP operator 'This is a test of the Data Buffer client.'

Add ‘blob’ data to the log

This example adds a serialized protobuf to the log using the add_blob() method of the Data Buffer client.

python3 ROBOT_IP blob

Add ‘protobuf’ data to the log

This is similar to the ‘blob’ data example, but it serializes the protobuf automatically and sets the message type from the full protobuf type name.

python3 ROBOT_IP protobuf

Add an event to the log

This writes an example event into the log.

python3 ROBOT_IP event