For clients to the Spot CAM Network service.


Bases: BaseClient

A client calling Spot CAM Network services such as ICE Candidates, SSL certs / Keys etc.

Note: Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) is a protocol which lets two devices use an intermediary to exchange offers and answers even if the two devices are separated by Network Address Translation (NAT).

default_service_name = 'spot-cam-network'
service_type = 'bosdyn.api.spot_cam.NetworkService'

Set ICE configuration on Spot CAM. This overrides all existing configured servers


Async version of get_ice_configuration()

set_ice_configuration(ice_servers, **kwargs)[source]

Get ICE configuration from Spot CAM

set_ice_configuration_async(ice_servers, **kwargs)[source]

Async version of set_ice_configuration()