exception bosdyn.mission.exceptions.Error[source]

Bases: Exception

Base exception

exception bosdyn.mission.exceptions.CompileError(msg='', node_proto=None)[source]

Bases: Error

Error occurred during compilation.


Returns the ‘name’ field of the Node proto if possible, None otherwise


Returns the proto type of the Node ‘impl’ field if possible, None otherwise


Get a string of the node detail.

exception bosdyn.mission.exceptions.UnknownType(msg='', node_proto=None)[source]

Bases: CompileError

exception bosdyn.mission.exceptions.ValidationError(tree, errors)[source]

Bases: Error

The mission encountered errors in the validate step.

  • tree – The root node of the compiled mission.

  • errors – List of ValidationErrorReport.

exception bosdyn.mission.exceptions.MissingParameterError(target_name, target_pb_type=None, stored_pb_type=None)[source]

Bases: CompileError

Could not find a matching parameter.

  • target_name – Name of the parameter that was missing / mismatched.

  • target_pb_type – Desired type of the parameter. None if any type was acceptable.

  • stored_pb_type – Type of the parameter that was stored. None if type was unknown.

exception bosdyn.mission.exceptions.InaccessibleParameterError(target_name, target_pb_type=None, stored_pb_type=None)[source]

Bases: MissingParameterError

Could not read the parameter, though one was provided elsewhere.

exception bosdyn.mission.exceptions.MessageOverrideError(overriding_message, field_name, field_type)[source]

Bases: CompileError

Failed to override a mission node’s field with a Message type.

exception bosdyn.mission.exceptions.NodeUnreferenceableError[source]

Bases: Error

Node cannot be referenced.