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Spot SDK

Develop applications and payloads for Spot using the Boston Dynamics Spot SDK.

The SDK consists of:

  • Conceptual documentation. These documents explain the key abstractions used by the Spot API.

  • Python client library. Applications using the Python library can control Spot and read sensor and health information from Spot. A wide variety of example programs and a QuickStart guide are also included.

  • Payload developer documentation. Payloads add additional sensing, communication, and control capabilities beyond what the base platform provides. The Payload ICD covers the mechanical, electrical, and software interfaces that Spot supports.

  • Spot API protocol definition. This reference guide covers the details of the protocol applications used to communicate to Spot. Application developers who wish to use a language other than Python can implement clients that speak the protocol.

  • Spot SDK Repository. The GitHub repo where all of the Spot SDK code is hosted.

This is version 4.0.3 of the SDK. Please review the Release Notes to see what has changed.