Source code for bosdyn.client.exceptions

# Copyright (c) 2020 Boston Dynamics, Inc.  All rights reserved.
# Downloading, reproducing, distributing or otherwise using the SDK Software
# is subject to the terms and conditions of the Boston Dynamics Software
# Development Kit License (20191101-BDSDK-SL).

[docs]class Error(Exception): """Base exception that all public api exceptions are derived from."""
[docs]class ResponseError(Error): """Exception triggered by a server response whose rpc succeeded.""" def __init__(self, response, error_message=None): super(ResponseError, self).__init__() self.response = response if error_message is not None: self.error_message = error_message elif response is not None: self.error_message = response.header.error.message else: self.error_message = "" def __str__(self): if self.response is not None: full_classname = self.response.DESCRIPTOR.full_name else: full_classname = "Error" return '{} ({}): {}'.format(full_classname, self.__class__.__name__, self.error_message)
[docs]class InvalidRequestError(ResponseError): """The provided request arguments are ill-formed or invalid. This is programmer error, hence it should be fixed and not ignored. This error does not depend on the state of the system."""
[docs]class LeaseUseError(ResponseError): """Request was rejected due to using an invalid lease. This is thrown by services outside of LeaseService."""
[docs]class LicenseError(ResponseError): """Request was rejected due to using an invalid license."""
[docs]class ServerError(ResponseError): """Service encountered an unrecoverable error."""
[docs]class InternalServerError(ServerError): """Service experienced an unexpected error state."""
[docs]class UnsetStatusError(ServerError): """Response's status field (in either message or common header) was UNKNOWN value."""
[docs]class RpcError(Error): """An error occurred trying to reach a service on the robot.""" def __init__(self, original_error, error_message=None): super(RpcError, self).__init__() self.error = original_error self.error_message = error_message or str(original_error) def __str__(self): full_classname = self.error.__class__.__name__ return '{}: {}'.format(full_classname, self.error_message)
[docs]class ClientCancelledOperationError(RpcError): """The user cancelled the rpc request."""
[docs]class InvalidAppTokenError(RpcError): """The provided app token is invalid."""
[docs]class InvalidClientCertificateError(RpcError): """The provided client certificate is invalid."""
[docs]class NonexistentAuthorityError(RpcError): """The app token's authority field names a nonexistent service."""
[docs]class PermissionDeniedError(RpcError): """The rpc request was denied access."""
[docs]class ProxyConnectionError(RpcError): """The proxy on the robot could not be reached."""
[docs]class ResponseTooLargeError(RpcError): """The rpc response was larger than allowed max size."""
[docs]class ServiceUnavailableError(RpcError): """The proxy could not find the (possibly unregistered) service."""
[docs]class ServiceFailedDuringExecutionError(RpcError): """The service encountered an unexpected failure."""
[docs]class TimedOutError(RpcError): """The remote procedure call did not terminate within the allotted time."""
[docs]class UnableToConnectToRobotError(RpcError): """The robot may be offline or otherwise unreachable."""
[docs]class UnauthenticatedError(RpcError): """The user needs to authenticate to get a user token."""
[docs]class UnknownDnsNameError(RpcError): """The system is unable to translate the domain name."""
[docs]class NotFoundError(RpcError): """The backend system could not be found."""
[docs]class UnimplementedError(RpcError): """The API does not recognize the request and is unable to complete the request."""
[docs]class TransientFailureError(RpcError): """The channel is in state TRANSIENT_FAILURE, often caused by a connection failure."""
[docs]class TimeSyncRequired(Error): """Time synchronization is required but none seems to be established."""